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Best Rural Service Provider 2018

Primo is bringing Ultrafast broadband services to Taranaki businesses, homes, farms and schools, so you can work, play and do more at the same time. What sets Primo apart from the other Telcos is that we're 100% Taranaki owned and operated, and it has a team who cares about making sure you get the best broadband solutions for your home or business.

Why you should connect with Primo...

 - Primo has its own local wireless network which delivers broadband speeds like no other.

 - Primo can provide you with the right broadband solutions for your home and/or business needs.

 - Its broadband services are more reliable - its ultrafast broadband is backed up by own local ultrafast wireless network. This redundancy feature is highly recommended for businesses as it reduces your risk of downtime and lost productivity.

 - Primo can set up multiple connections for offices at different sites. Its broadband will help to improve connectivity between sites and staff who work from home.

 - Primo's local team will give you free technical phone support and fantastic customer service. 

How it all started...

Primo was established in 2006 to provide wireless broadband services to remote Taranaki communities.  It now provides both wireless and ultrafast broadband services (UFB) to thousands of business and rural customers in Taranaki.

Initially, Primo was developed as a solution to help rural Taranaki people and businesses who struggled to get access to fast broadband services. Knowing that wireless is the fastest broadband technology available to the rural community, IT specialist and managing director Matthew Harrison, set about building Primo's network from the ground up. As a result, Primo' customers are now enjoying the full benefits of connecting to Taranaki's only locally owned and operated Ultrafast wireless network.

Since incorporating the business in 2007 Primo has been growing rapidly which is down to its superior high speed broadband solutions, the high level of customer service Primo provide and the drive of the people behind the business.

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Total: 9.1
Reliability 9.2
Speed 9.3
Support 9.1
Features 9.1
Value 8.9
Average from 34 reviews
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2020-08-25 23:17:55
Zac 2.6
Website is messy and incorrect, plans arent advertised properly. They change plans on the sly so you are usually paying more than advertised price. The technicians visit at random and leave rubbish/old gear lying around. Not value for money with patchy signal.
They usually supply internet.
Service goes up and down, Admin are useless, your are often paying more than you should be, not value for money.
2018-12-07 20:06:50
John 3.6
Have been with them for nearly 10 years and have had endless problems relating to uptime, ping, speed, dns, and more. Speeds are ok when maxed out, but for years we were stuck only getting less than 1/4th of the plans minimum speed we were paying for. Tech support is next to useless and even lied on occasion and had to apologize when I confronted them with irrefutable proof. They try to offload blame for every issue that comes up until I jump through countless hoops and even then most of the time they just say they don't know what the problem is and essentially I'm just unlucky. I have replaced every bit of networking gear multiple times to ensure it's not a problem with any of that and yet the problems persist, sometimes they manage to fix problems, but only after weeks of back and forward. It's completely unacceptable behavior, but they know they can get away with it as they are the only option for most of their customers, including me. I appreciate what their plan and vision is, but as soon as another viable option is available I will be switching. ...read more
Well, they offer something better than dial up I guess
Constant reliability issues and downtime on a regular basis
Speeds almost never meet the plans minimum
Ping is very high, don't expect to do any online gaming
Poor support which takes an aggressive tone and offloads blame

2018-09-24 01:31:23
Christopher 10.0
Best support of any Telco, if they cant answer your call, email and they will reply back within a few hours. There has never been an issue that they have not been able to solve promptly, always thinking about how they can help their customers better.
Local service, local people.
Proactive service.
A bit harder to get hold of now as their customer base grows.
2017-10-11 06:32:10
Bill Young 9.6
Top Company
2017-10-11 05:44:45
Jackie Procter 9.4
Right from the first contact with Primo Wireless, I received the best customer service I've ever had from a broadband provider. Now I'm a customer of Primo Wireless, I receive the best broadband I've ever had! Total awesome local company!
Showing 1-5 of 34 items.
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